Introduction to S.F.E.C. Videos

First, Delight In Breathing

Be Still and Know that God is God - from Psalm 46:10, and BREATH!  
                     Pray, Let Go, and Let God Move and DO what only HE can do.

We were created by the breath of God, and we are alive by every breath He gives.  Delight yourself in breathing and be thankful unto God.

D.E.L.I.G.H.T. in Breathing...

Deeply Exhale, (then Breathe in) Long, In, Good, High and Tall!


Christ In Us . . . More and More Ephesians 3:17

As we trust in God, He makes our home in us, more and more.  This is one of our greatest prayers for ourselves, our friends, and those who get on our nerves.... that Christ would be, more and more, at home in their hearts :)

M.A.M. Stance - Be Holy and Practice constant self control!

In the letter of 1 Corinthians, chapter  9 verse 25, Paul reminds us that the athlete disciplines himself and practices constant self control.  As Christians, we can maintain God's holiness within us, only by God's grace, and the discipline we have to deny our flesh.  Practice the Military (Attention), Athletic, and Military (Parade Rest) Stances!

First 3 Videos Together! 11 minutes

When you repeat things, you get better.  


The Golden Rule - Love God, and Love Others - Mark 12:29-31
One way to do this, is to ask God to help you do this...
Yet, how many of us actually verbally ask this of Him?

Do EVERYTHING For God's Glory

Halloween is on October 31st... 10/31...
1 Corinthians 10:31 has advice that will keep us in the right.  


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