Changing the world, one day at a time!!!!!!!

! By Continually Sanctifying God's Beloved Bride...


P.E. - Physical Education Classes for Adults and Personal Training Information.
Books - A list of books written for SFM, and additional books for the growth, healing, and maturing of one's self, family and community. 

Videos - 5 Soul Fitness Exercise videos with scripture memory.

Psalms - Psalms 1-150 read aloud to listen to.

Audio - 1st 7 (of 21) chapters of the Bearing Fruit book.

More - Music, Movies, Recipes, Websites, Information, Quotes, Partners, etc.

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Soul Fitness 4 Kids is the new, best, Christian P.E. curriculum around!

As part of Soul Fitness Etcetera, Soul Fitness 4 Kids is a new Christian physical education curriculum that will bless all participants 

and their families.

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Soul Fitness Etcetera is a branch of Soul Fitness Ministries, designed to help communities by establishing small groups of like minded people.

Soul Fitness Etcetera offers summer camps,

after school programs, personal training, 

and group training!

The 1st soul fitness exercise

Stop.  Take a few minutes to 

DELIGHT in breathing.

Deeply Exhale.  (Then breathe in....)

Long, In, Good, High, and Tall.

(Holding the air in for a few seconds is also good, before exhaling)

Psalm 46:10 "BE STILL AND KNOW the LORD is God, He will be exalted among the nations, HE will be exalted on the earth."

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Soul Fitness Ministries

 is part of the
United Spirit Motivation;
A never-ending movement,
to do all things
for God’s glory,
for His names sake,
and for the continual advancement
of His Holy Kingdom
by sharing the Gospel
that Jesus Christ Himself shared:
The Lords righteousness, peace and joy,
His faith, hope, and love,
His grace, mercy and truth,
throughout all the earth. 


Soul Fitness Ministries Mission

is changing the world, one day at a time,

by continually sanctify God’s Beloved Bride,

with patient love, prayerful declarations,
and actions that are wise.

While, lovingly, prayerfully, and methodically,
verbally sharing the mysteries
of the gospel of our LORD.

In the name of Love,
using the testimonies of Yeshua Ha-Mashiach,

by the power of Holy Spirit,
with everyone in the community.


Soul Fitness Ministries Vision

is to provide loving, safe and memorable school like environments for veterans,
for senior citizens and young children
to grow together in their personal relationships
with Abba Father, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit.
And with one another, in discipleship groups,
using the SFM curriculum's,
to develop wholly healthy, spirit filled,
sanctified prayer warriors.
Who will then, in pairs,
prayerfully, intentionally
and passionately

recruit and lead others
in the SFM curriculum's

in other loving, safe,
and memorable
school like environments.

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