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United Spirit Motivation: Igniting All Believers to engage in true life; Jesus Christ

Soul Fitness Exercise Classes

The World Revival Prayer Guide

Bearing Fruit: The Abundant Life God Provides


Soul Fitness Ministries

 is part of the
United Spirit Motivation;
A never-ending movement,
to do all things
for God’s glory.


Soul Fitness Ministries Mission

is changing the world, one day at a time,

by continually sanctify God’s Beloved Bride,

with patient love, prayerful declarations,
and actions that are wise.


Soul Fitness Ministries Vision

is to provide loving, safe and memorable 

school like environments for veterans,
for senior citizens and young children
to grow together in their personal relationships
with Abba Father, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit. 

Video intro to Soul Fitness Etcetera

Ranging from 3 year olds to 83 year olds... physical, spiritual and soul training is real! 

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